The Wild Diet: the Secret to a Healthy Life – Tricks of the Wild Diet

The wild Diet, The words diet or dieting always reminds us of certain fat reducing pills, along with lots of protein rich food or sometimes carbohydrate-rich food.

The wild diet allows you to savor over all your favorite dishes, and takes a note of the fact that whatever you eat is produced by plants and not factories. Who would imagine getting into shape, and fit into those dream pants while sticking to real butter and chocolates all the way long.

The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet: What it Actually Is

The wild diet features meals which are highly liked by the foodies, and also allows and directs your body to burn unnecessary fat instead of sugar.

The wild diet is trending among celebrities and fitness freaks and hundreds and thousands of people have benefitted from this diet.

Abel James says that one has to love his body first, to get into the diet of fitness. And the real fitness diet doesn’t consist of “sugar free” confectionaries which are basically made up of chemicals.

Abel has a lot to say about the wild diet, the key to a healthy lifestyle-

The Wild Diet Result

The Wild Diet Result

Tricks of the Wild Diet

Trick 1 of Wild diet says that spending hours behind workouts with a motto to sweat it out, is a tried and tested failed formula. This is because no one gets fit or gets into shapes with just exercise.

Dropping fat can only be achieved if you eat correctly and don’t just nibble and starve.

Trick 2 states that every stereotypical rich-in-fat food can be consumed while you or on a drop of body fat diet. Whether it is bacon, steak or butter, one can also go for most craved cheesecakes, ice cream or just anything delicious.

One really doesn’t need to quit every favorite food ( rich in fat) such as grilled steak, eggs , chocolate or maybe some wine).

Wild diet is about to bring up smiles on many faces.
One who has long craved for that double chocolate cake will be very glad to follow the healthy diet.

Healthy Fat shouldn’t be kept at bay.

The Wild Diet - Result

The Wild Diet – Result

Trick 3 says that you should focus on what you eat and not how much you eat. This is because what we consume nowadays is majorly chemicals, with food color and loads of added preservatives to keep the almost rotten food fresh.

One must transfer food habits from processed food items, carbohydrates and sugars to healthy food obtained from plants. The result is an added amount of energy as the burning of sugar is replaced by fat burn and thus less of energy draining.

Eating foods rich in nutrients will not only make you fit, but allow your body to extract the needed minerals from your food.

Trick 4 of the wild diet procedure clearly states that carbohydrates in the form of sugar, grain, refined and processed food should be kept away from one’s system as these packed processed and fried food items are packed with fattening ingredients such as white flour, white sugar, corn syrups and seed oils of corn and soy seeds.

They are not just fattening, they destroy one’s appetite for good foods and increasing the craving for these preserved ones.

Trick 5 on the procedure and elements towards the wild diet says that one doesn’t have to starve oneself or keep on counting calories to lose enough weight. One should stick to fresh fruits, nuts and pasture raised meat which contains fiber, protein along with various micronutrients and fat that the body needs.

Depriving one’s body of all these will just lead to more and more craving, so just make a wise choice and eat enough and satiate your appetite satisfactorily.

Trick 6 gives you clear indications about listening to one’s body and to eat whenever hunger strikes- when one feels hungry it not just the need of food but nutrition along with it. To feed on highly nutritious food should be the choice because it satisfies one’s mind as well as body completely. Feeding on highly nutritious food and skipping the stereotypically food timings is a wise choice as the wild diet clear mentions that one should eat whenever he or she is feeling hungry.

Trick 7 allows one to go out with a close knit family or friends, to go out feats happily on food which doesn’t allow you to fill in more and more food when left al alone or eating singly.

Trick 8 asks you to always stay ready for the emergency. It should be mentioned here that the he sugar rush, the craving and starving, is not at all an option here.

Going on and opting for fresh and non flavored food with added color should not be one’s choice.

Experts have a lot to say about this wild diet; they say that it is a very flexible, enjoyable approach to weight loss that can easily cater to the individual needs and goals and thus leave a lasting change on one’s life. The wild diet regime doesn’t
allow or ask one to quit everything and opt for something.

The Wild Diet After and Before

The Wild Diet After and Before

The wild diet takes us back to those times food was available locally and grown locally as well and people used to savor on freshly grown potatoes, tomatoes and veggies. At that time food available was fresh and real and not made up of chemical substances.

Nowadays even the vegetables seem different; they lack nutrients and are hybrid products grown over acres of fields and the cycle of growth increased with added chemical fertilizer.

Eating real food and that too easily available one should go for locally grown veggies at local meat shops.

Abel, the monitoring head of the wild diet, has done a lot in his weight loss approach; his program has a single but very common motto for fulfillment of his clients needs. His approach is a completely hassle free and easy, he inspires one to eat what he or she is actually craving for.

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