The 4 Week Diet Review – Four Week Diet Review – Can You Drop Lots of Weight in 28 Days?

Read The 4 Week Diet review which is based on my personal experience to decide if the system could be right for you. I’ve always been the chubby one in our family and even though I’d tried numerous diets, none of them worked for me. Then a friend recommended The Four Week Diet saying it was the best of all. I was skeptical at first, but when my sister announced she was going to get married and asked me to be her maid of honor, I decided to give it a try. My Four Week Diet Review:

4 Week Diet Review

4 Week Diet Review

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What Is It?

The 4 Week Diet isn’t just a diet plan. It’s a complete system for weight loss which includes a diet, an exercise program and a guide for tuning your mindset so that you can achieve the best possible results. There is also detailed explanation of all the science behind the system. With it, users could lose 23 pounds of body weight in 28 days (we’ll check this claim in a bit). I was impressed of how sophisticated yet easy to understand the concept was.

Who’s Behind It?

The author of the system is Brian Flatt. He is well-known for his expertise in the field of slimming and fitness. Yet he isn’t one of those gurus that make you feel as if you are in some sort of a cult. I wanted all readers of The 4 Week Diet review to know this. I love how relaxed his stone is and how friendly and understanding he is towards the dieter’s needs and concerns.

What’s Included?

I’m sure that you’re eager to learn about The Four Week Diet results, but I’ll tell you what the system consist of because I’m convinced that everyone should be well-informed before taking a decision regarding their health and wellbeing. The system includes four components which you are supposed to use together.

The Introduction Manual is not a part of the system which you can afford to miss. It takes you through the science which can literally open your eyes about the best way to lose weight. It tells you exactly what nutrients can help you melt your body fat. I ensured that I’d get enough of these and I think that they really worked for me.

The Diet Manual was by far my favorite piece of the system and I wanted to highly this in The 4 Week Diet review. This is because you get a completely personalized diet plan, depending on your body mass and fat percentage. This is something which only very costly systems give you and this one comes for just $47. The plan tells you which foods to eat and which ones to avoid. It’s really simple to follow. You don’t have to spend money on exotic food or anything. In fact, I even reduced my spending on groceries.

The Workout Manual was my least favorite, I have to admit, but this is because I’m not a fan of exercising at all. Still, in all honesty, the exercise program is the most effective I’ve ever tried. You can expect a highly intense workout session which takes only 20 minutes to complete, but you’ll certainly feel the fat melting away. You have to exercise 3 to 4 times a week. I had 4 sessions and don’t regret it at all. I wanted to boast with this in The Four Week Diet review.
The Mindset and Motivation Manual helped me a lot in sticking to the diet and the exercise schedule. It helps you to stay determined and motivated and to feel good about yourself every step of the way. It is an absolute must-read.

Four Week Diet Review

Four Week Diet Review

Does The 4 Week Diet Work?

Yes, in my experience, it does work. I started off a bit slowly, but by the 10th day, I had already lost 9 pounds. I felt terrific because my body was beginning to get toned too. On day 28, I weighed 20 pounds less than on day 1 and had dropped 2 sizes. I could finally fit into my dress for the wedding! The best part was that I didn’t have saggy skin on the arms and belly. I loved how flat my stomach was. My hips were finally sexy.

I’m quite confident that the system can work for any adult at any age, regardless of their initial weight. As a woman in her 30’s, I was surprised that I could speed up my metabolism so much, but it worked. I’ll also be blunt with you and tell you in The 4 Week Diet review that you have to be persistent to get the best possible results.

How Safe Is It?

From my point of view, this system for weight loss is completely safe. I never experienced hunger pangs, lightheadedness or dizziness while I was following the diet. I didn’t feel any extreme fatigue either. I’m confident that anyone who’s generally healthy can do the exercises safely.

Are The 4 Week Diet Results Long-Lasting?

I can confidently say that they are. It’s been six months since I’m off the diet and I dropped another 5 pounds thanks to the tips for keeping the results offered in the Introduction Manual. I know that this is something that I shouldn’t probably mention in The Four Week Diet review, but I also found a gorgeous guy at the wedding who’s absolutely crazy about me.


Does The 4 Week Diet work? You can use it with confidence to get excellent result safely. The conclusion of my review is more than positive.

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The 4 Week Diet Review

The 4 Week Diet Review


The 4 Week Diet Review – Emma

I’ve been struggling to lose weight for quite some time, but my efforts were never enough. One day a friend recommended the 4 week diet program and I tried it, even though I was skeptical. After all, I’m a busy mom of three. Now that I’ve completed the program I’d like to share my objective 4 week diet review. I hope that it will help you make the right decision.

The program is weeks long, as its name suggests. It is based on 4 unique manuals which you have to follow. Here I’ll share my opinion on each one.

What I Think about the Manuals

Even though you may be tempted to skip the Introduction Manual, I recommend against this. It presents the philosophy and science behind the program and explains why people gain fat and how this process can be reversed. It always pays off to be well-informed when you set on a life-changing journey.

The Diet Manual is the best diet guide which I have seen and I feel obliged to mention this in my 4 week diet review. The diet is based on your individual characteristics and more specifically on your lean body mass, fat percentage and body type. It is extremely easy to follow because you are told exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to have meals and snacks. I loved the fact that there is a list of the foods which are absolutely forbidden and of those which stimulate weight loss. My favorite part is the one which shows you how to keep the results.

I followed the Workout Manual strictly too. Doing the exercises wasn’t like a walk in the part, but the sessions were very short so I squeezed them into my busy schedule seamlessly. I found the Mindset and Motivation manual to be extremely helpful.

What’s the conclusion of my 4 Weeks Diet review? 2 thumps up! I lost 18 pounds with it and feel awesome!

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The Four Week Diet Review

The Four Week Diet Review

The Four Week Diet Review – James

I’ve always been a big guy and it was impossible for me to lose weight. I was constantly searching for a new method to try. This is how I found the Four Week Diet . It seemed short, so I decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose. I will share my experience in this Four Week Diet review.

Can You Burn Fat?

For me, this diet work exceptionally well. I guess the reason for this is that the special diet manual tells you what to eat exactly based on your individual situation. Even the amounts of food are strictly calculated for you so it’s not easy to slip, so to speak. I stayed away from all foods which are not allowed and it worked. I lost 20 pounds.
Another thing which I liked was the introduction manual. It explained everything about metabolism and gaining and burning fat. I got a new perspective thanks to it. I now know how to live in a healthy way. This is something which I wanted to highlight in my Four Week Diet review.

There are exercises, which are optional, are amazing, in my opinion. You don’t have to spend hours doing them. They are intensive so they don’t take you a lot of time. In the beginning, I started off slowly because I was quite heavy, but then my pace picked up. I still do the exercises. They make me feel great.

Is It Safe?

I did not experience any issues which I was dieting and exercising at the same time. I didn’t experience side effects like stomach discomfort and lightheadedness which you would typically encounter when you reduce your calorie intake. I’m a generally health guy in his 30’s and for me, the system is safe.

The conclusion of my Four Week Diet review is that it is effective and doesn’t have side effects.

Four Week Diet

Four Week Diet

The Four Week Diet Review – Eva

For many people, one of the main goals in life is to lose weight. I was one of them. Several of my friends had recommended the Four Week Diet so I tried it. As a man who is approaching this 50th birthday, I didn’t have much hope, but this didn’t stop me. Read my Four Week Diet review to find out if it could work out for you.

This is actually a very simple method. You have to follow a diet and you can also do exercises, which are optional. There is a manual explaining the causes and solutions for weight loss and another one which is motivational.

What I Liked

The diet plan is the best I’ve ever tried. This is because it is based on your personal needs. What’s more, it is absolutely precise when it comes to the types of foods which you can eat and their amounts. It reduces your daily calorie intake, but without causing any discomfort. I find this diet to be completely safe. It is not one of the good-old fad solutions.

I loved the fact that there is guidance on how to keep the weight loss results. This is perhaps the most useful thing for me and I’d like to mention it in my Four Week Diet review.

The workout program is excellent. It has exercises which help you burn fat and ones for toning your body. I do the abs exercises during every workout and I’m getting results already.

What I Didn’t Like

The motivational tips are great, but I personally didn’t use them. I’m not saying that they are not helpful. I’m sure that they could be for first-time dieters and those who have trouble focusing. I personally derived my motivation from the fact that the diet and the exercise program as perfect.

The verdict of my Four Week Diet review is that this is the best system for losing weight around. I dropped 21 pounds with it.

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