Amy Schumer and Her Story of Weight Loss

Before we move on to Amy Schumer weight loss, let us have a brief discussion on her story.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss: The Story

Amy Schumer is a very famous New York standup comedian, who has given many successful shows to the nation. Comedian Amy Schumer speaks out that she was asked to lose weight prior to her upcoming movie shoot “Train wreck “in 2015. The makers of this movie had stated that her figure and her weight will hurt the eyes of the viewer. It clearly speaks about the discrimination and unfair treatment that the women at Hollywood have to face if they weigh above the mark.

Women are generally marked gorgeous depending on their shape and figure, which should have been completely based on their acting skills. Amy Schumer weight loss topic when brought up had meant that a new arena of discussion did just open in front of others.

Well Amy also mentions that she was never forced by the filmmakers to go on a diet plan to reduce weight but they gave out clear indications.

The comedian confesses that for an instance and the time being she did join the skinny clan of Hollywood but never ever did she repeat it again. Amy always states that her weight, her body shape makes her very and strong and happy at the same time. She feels confident in her skin and is a very bold comedian the industry owns.
Many actresses fear of looking over-weight and thus ugly when facing the spotlight and thus go on to shred pounds to look their best.

Amy Schumer weight loss might have put her into the same skinny slut brand, but she was the self confident self and inspired many with this outlook about matters she holds.
Many successful actresses speak in a state of panic even after gaining so much experience and fame.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer weight loss: The Criteria

The Training for Amy Schumer weight loss includes certain criteria she had to follow including

  • Diet Chart for Amy Schumer weight loss
  • Diet plan for Amy Schumer weight loss

As termed by some she is the potty mouth Comedian who succeeded in her very first film “Train wreck”.

Amy Schumer admits it very often that she had to work very hard, not just in terms of acting but because she was literally asked to starve to lose the required weight. Even if she was not forced to go under the weight loss policy but she speaks out that while going under these diet plans she did face a huge pressure to cope up with the schedule and enter the much needed weight losing streak, in this leading model as well as actress phase.

A professional trainer was hired for her weight loss policies and efforts that had a very good experience in training celebrities and movie and TV stars.

Schumer has also written widely about plus size who are shapely, curvy as well as beautiful and are among the healthiest. She thinks that it’s completely okay to be a plus-sized women. Schumer is actually a size 6 as compared to the size 16 which is the actual size of plus size women.

She shouldn’t actually be categorized under the plus size model or women category as she is just size 6, the film industry doesn’t allow one to be even a bit out of order.

Women over there have to follow the Amy Schumer weight loss as necessarily and frequent a possible. They need to get into shape before even a single frame of the movie has rolled on.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

The diet plan Amy followed for her weight loss was handed over to her in the very second day of her training, prior to that her body shape and fat zones were clearly noticed. The trainer had clearly and thoroughly gone through her body by clearly noticing ever knick of fat visible.

The diet chart handed over to her by that trainer comprised smoothie for breakfast, and which would surely not be followed by something substantial.

When Amy showed some amount of distress and detested to follow the chart, the trainer explained it to her that at Hollywood actresses generally doesn’t even take a bite all day long.

And this is the reason of their stunning off-screen and onscreen roles, fitness and glamour. Well the famous, talented stand -up comedian mentioned that she lost a few pounds in the due course, but she never reverted to the same any more.

Amy Schumer weight loss procedure ended along with the movie and she literally quit every habit that was on the diet chart and Amy says that she will be very happy of one morning she gets back to her original shape.
The New York comedian has got on air and mentioned in a recent interview that she also likes to flaunt her skin. Being over size doesn’t stop her from looking sexy and hot. She wears whatever she wishes to and thus is happy with her feminine curvy body.

She is a very ambitious woman who does what she wishes to and proves people around her completely wrong with her air of confidence. Schumer, immediately after her shoots for the movie switched over to the revenge diet which composed of everything that she was deprived of in the last few months. She revengefully took up this diet, swaying away the stereotype skinny girl image she had got into.
This resulted in a complete high fat diet which comprised a lot more than just smoothies at Japan.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss - Story

Amy Schumer Weight Loss – Story

The realization after Amy Schumer weight loss

She said that at the time that movie came to her she was new to this industry and thus was completely unaware of everything and took up this weight loss training along with signing the movie with these criteria. She doesn’t like this new transformation in her where she feels her body to have shriveled under this diet formula along with the training.

Well people have really gone along and watched the movie for Amy and to notice her transformation.

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